20 Secrets You May Don’t Know About The Viking


As mentioned earlier, the Viking were a fearsome people who were known for their ferocity in battle and their skill in seafaring. It is said that they were some of the first people to explore and settle in new lands, and that they did so through their expert use of ships and navigation.

One of the most famous legacies of the Viking is their longships. These ships were uniquely designed for sailing in open waters, and allowed the Vikings to travel far and wide. In fact, their longships were even able to navigate up rivers, which allowed them to explore new territories that other groups couldn’t reach.


1. The Vikings were not just raiders and warriors. They were also traders, merchants, and explorers.

2. The Viking Age began in 793 AD when the first Viking raid took place on the island of Lindisfarne in Northumbria, England.

3. The Vikings were some of the most skillful shipbuilders of their time. Their longships could travel up to 60 miles per day and were able to navigate through even the roughest seas.

4. The Vikings were a very religious people and believed in many different gods and goddesses.

5. One of the most famous Viking raids was the one on Paris in 845 AD which resulted in the sacking of the city.

6. The Vikings were also very successful traders and established many trading networks throughout Europe and the Middle East.

7. The Viking Age ended in 1066 AD when they were defeated by the English at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

8. The Vikings were a very diverse people and there was great variation among them in terms of their language, culture, and beliefs.

9. The Vikings were some of the most feared warriors of their time and were known for their ruthless fighting tactics.

10. The Vikings are credited with introducing many new technologies to Europe including the longship, the bow and arrow, and the use of iron in weapons and armor.

11. Many of the myths and legends about the Vikings are based on historical fact.

12. The Viking Age was a time of great exploration and many of the famous Viking explorers, such as Leif Erikson, sailed to new lands that were unknown to Europeans.

13. The Vikings were also some of the first people in Europe to adopt the decimal system and use coins as currency.

14. The Vikings were a very superstitious people and believed in many strange and supernatural things.

15. One of the most famous Viking weapons was the battle axe which was used by both infantry and cavalry units.

16. The Vikings were not just a European phenomenon. They also had a significant impact on the cultures of countries like Russia, Canada, and the United States.

17. The modern day city of Oslo, Norway was founded by a Viking named Harald Hardrada in 1048 AD.

18. The Vikings were not just a warlike people. They were also known for their artistry and craftsmanship, and produced some of the finest metalwork and jewelry of their time.

19. The Vikings were one of the first peoples in Europe to adopt the written word and many of their sagas and legends have been preserved through historical records.

20. Despite their reputation as raiders and warriors, the Vikings were actually a very complex people with a rich culture that has left a lasting legacy on European history.

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